Why is this innovative electric razor causing razor blade manufacturers so much concern?

This new electric shaver is revolutionizing the market; it is no wonder that it is so successful in Australia. Check out our test.

By Thomas Hecth
05/17/2023 – Updated two hours ago

People say that beards are like makeup for men. Whether this statement is correct or not depends. But a well-trimmed and properly treated beard makes any man ‘upgrade’ his look; we can agree. The problem is that this takes much work, and we don’t always have the ideal tool.

Many men have their trusted barbers. But we know that they often don’t even have space in their schedule to see you, in addition to being expensive. Do it by yourself? For some, this is a thorn in the side. Many cut themselves, hurt the skin, and let the pain speak louder, and the work ends up half done. And traditional shavers also have a responsibility in all of this, as they don’t contribute to safer, skin-friendly male personal hygiene.

It takes innovation and practicality. You have an important appointment with the girl of your dreams in an hour, and you don’t have a single barber shop open. What are you going to do? Give up? Never! Especially now that a new electric shaver has emerged as a great and practical ally for men who want to treat their beards and other hair quickly and safely.

Meet the Tonsor Pro shaver and be surprised:

French and German specialists brought to the world an electric shaver of precision and professional quality, with the possibility of being used by anyone. The multifunctional Tonsor Pro shaver has enough power and efficiency to trim beards and any hair, keeping skin irritation-free and safe, free of scratches.

Equipped with a Titanium T-Blade, a powerful motor that silently delivers over 7,000 rpm, Tonsor Pro gives you what you need in no time. Apart from that, the choice of top-quality equipment also impacts the durability of the shaver.

Tonsor Pro is available to everyone:

The mission is simple: to allow more and more men to try the Tonsor Pro professional electric shaver, which was previously only available to barbers and salons.

The logic of the market often does not favor the final consumer. For us, trimmers of dubious quality and little durability have always been available, while the best equipment has always been in the hands of professionals. Removing some of the complexity of use and bringing a well-finished, extremely efficient, and durable product to the end customer was the great idea of the developers of the Tonsor Pro. Now, you can take care of yourself without depending on anyone.

Body-friendly, it can trim hair, beard, face, sideburns, around the ears, and body hair, from occasional maintenance to more precise procedures. After all, a man needs to keep up with his hygiene!

Power and safety combined:

One of the great highlights of Tonsor Pro is its power combined with safety. It has a powerful motor that provides up to 120 minutes of cordless use on a single charge.

Plus, it features a sharp titanium T-blade for accurate, smooth, and gap-free cuts, and you don’t have to worry about changing the trimmer often. Its innovative R-angle design gently contacts the skin to prevent accidental damage to the skin surface.

To clean it, simply rinse the blades under running water or brush them with the included cleaning brush. It’s always good to point out that the Tonsor Pro electric shaver is waterproof!

There are many qualities in one product, but we will summarize them for you:

  • Professional grade shaver, which does not hurt the skin;
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery;
  • Waterproof and detachable stainless steel blades;
  • Strong but silent. Use it without disturbing those around you;
  • Tonsor Pro is portable; carry it with ease;
  • Great for personal use or professional hairdressers and barbers.
How do I buy it?

Our team contacted the official distributor of Tonsor Pro. In response, they informed us that the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the official website (Access it by clicking here).

We were also informed that several counterfeits are appearing on the market due to the product’s sales success. Only through the Official Website, you can be completely sure of receiving the original product with a 30-day guarantee.

To thank you for this published article, the manufacturer has offered our readers an exclusive discount and free shipping.

To take advantage of the offer, click on the image below or on this SPECIAL LINK, and the discount will be applied automatically.


UPDATE: Since Tonsor Pro appeared on TV, it has spread like wildfire, and more than 41,000 units have already been sold through the official website. Due to its popularity and all the positive testimonials, we advise you to hurry and secure yours today. To check if they are still available in your area, access the official link by clicking here.

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