Refunds and Returns

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. General Conditions Attention

1.1. Care of address orders

SoTrends will take care of the delivery of the products at the address requested by the client. Therefore, so that there are no obstacles in the delivery of your order, we ask you to pay attention when filling in the address where you wish to receive your order.

1.2. Absent recipient

Make sure someone will be at the address to receive your products. USPS makes three attempts to deliver the products, if in any of the attempts there is no one at the address of receipt of the order, the package will be taken to the post office closest to the address, and in this case it will be necessary for the recipient of the order picks up the package at the Post Office, within 7 calendar days. If the recipient of the order does not make the withdrawal, by USPS norm, the package will be returned to the sender, being necessary the payment of a new freight for the reshipment of the product.

All the data related to the delivery attempts, as well as the address of the post office where the recipient must pick up the package in case of absence at home, are recorded in the order tracking, which can be followed on the website de USPS, using the tracking code provided by the store.

1.3. Incorrect or incomplete address

SoTrends is not responsible for the incorrect or incomplete filling of the destination address of the orders placed in the store. If the address is wrong or incomplete, according to the Post Office rule, the package will be returned to the sender and no further delivery attempts will be made to that address. In this case, it will be necessary to pay a new freight by the customer so that we can resend the order, in case the delivery is not made due to divergence in the address informed by the customer, the customer is not entitled to a refund, it will be necessary to pay a new freight, in the amount of $15.00 (shipping value + post office fee), to resend the product.

1.4. Import taxes and shipping costs.

Any fees or taxes that the post office may collect from our customers are our responsibility, the customer will only pay the advertised amount for the product.

1.5. Products not delivered

If there is a problem with the delivery of the product, and the customer does not receive it, the maximum period to request a resend or return is 6 months after the purchase, so the customer must be attentive to their tracking code sent by e-mail after purchase.

2.1. Purchase policy

All products available on SoTrends are shipped directly from our suppliers abroad (Switzerland, Netherlands, United States and China) to the address provided at the time of purchase, and delivery takes an average of 5 to 15 business days (counted after postage) depending on the location, the shipment is made within 5 business days after the payment is confirmed in our system and the term will only start counting after this period. Orders made by bank receipt take from 1 to 3 days for payment confirmation in our system. We guarantee a tracking code so that the customer can follow the progress of the delivery of his order.

In certain cases, this delivery period may be extended a few more days, due to delays, pandemics, strikes, recesses, periods of high demand at the Post Office, in short, situations beyond our control.

The store guarantees the delivery of the order, we are responsible for the return of the full amount paid for the lost or misplaced products during the delivery process. All products are published with insurance against loss and with free internet tracking, the delivery of your product is 100% guaranteed.

If the product is not delivered within 40 business days after shipment, 100% of the amount will be refunded, and if the product is delivered after the return, we will send a certified receipt for a new payment to be made.

SoTrends is a company that sells products in various countries, so buyers should pay attention to the currencies used in their country. We display our prices in British pounds in the UK, Swiss francs in Switzerland, euros in European countries, and US dollars in the rest of the world.

Warning! You may receive more than one package if you have purchased more than 1 product, as your products may come from different vendors. So if you receive one product first and then another, don’t worry because it’s completely normal.

2.2. Order tracking

The products will be sent by Post or another carrier, there will always be a Tracking Code that will allow the customer to follow the progress of the delivery, SoTrends undertakes to instruct the customer on how to track the products. The tracking access code will be sent to your email as soon as it is available to SoTrends.


When making a purchase, the customer will comply with the conditions