The most powerful torch in the world: It's hot enough to burn through metal within seconds

This innovative torch reaches a maximum temperature of up to 2,400°F, making it possible to burn firewood or even metal in mere seconds.

By Paul Arnison
08/22/2023 – Updated two hours ago

Fire can be a friend or foe. But if you’re camping in the outdoors for example, it’s a definite friend. It enables you to light a bonfire, gives you vision in darkness, deter wild animals from your campsite and can work as an emergency signal for rescuers.

A prominent Swiss company created a mighty and modern torch capable of efficiently lighting bonfires, fireplaces, coals and cigars, in addition to being used for cooking. The product was so successful in the Switzerland that a company from New York decided to bring it to USA.

Discover ‘The Super Calidum’ and be amazed

Super Calidum is a gadget designed to make fire efficiently and very quickly. When activated, this innovative torch becomes a true lightsaber, ready to light your fireplace, bonfire, cigar, barbecue, etc., providing practicality and a unique experience.

As it is a product developed to be used outdoors, the quality of its flames is extremely high, made to resist the strongest winds.

High technology applied to fire

One of the interesting points of Super Calidum is its intensity regulator. Each occasion calls for a different type of fire, and you can regulate the flame on up to 3 different intensity levels. It can heat up to 2,400°F at maximum power, even passing through metal.

In addition, it is fully adjustable and rechargeable. Adjusting the flame height by turning the torch wheel on the side is easy. Super Calidum is the perfect choice for barbecue, cooking, or outdoor activities.

Shall we recap all the benefits of Super Calidum?

  • Windproof high-intensity flame;
  • Lights up fireplaces, bonfires, and other outdoor experiences;
  • Super Calidum has an intensity regulator of up to 3 levels;
  • Heating up to 2,400°F;
  • Rechargeable and adjustable.

Where can you buy now the Super Calidum?

You can find it directly on their official website Super Calidum, by clicking here.

Moreover, the Super Calidum is protected by “satisfied or get your money back” offer for 30 days. You simply have to send them an email to get your money back.

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