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SmartRange Pro™

(1,381 reviews)

SmartRange Pro™

(1,381 reviews)


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4.9 (1,281 reviews)

Thomas N.

This digital tape measure is compact, great for everyday use, has excellent precision, and several features that assist in measurement, such as the ability to calculate area and volume… Congratulations on the product!

Bryan G.

The Smartrange has become an indispensable tool in my toolbox it performs precise and very fast measurements. This was, without a doubt, a great investment.

George A.

Excellent quality product!!! The precision of the laser measurement is fast and impressiv, I conducted various tests, and the measurements exactly matched those taken manually

Emily P.

I bought it as a gift for my sister who is an architect, and she loved it, it became her favorite tool! My order arrived quickly, ahead of the scheduled time.

Adrian N.

I tested this tape measure in both open and closed environments, and in both cases, it delivered accurate and reliable results!

Carol S.

I loved it, I got a shock when it arrived at my home, it came much, much earlier than expected. It’s a great laser tape measure, I’ve used it and approved it; it makes measuring so much easier.

David L.

The product is extremely simple to use. Precise and compact, the product is worth the price, whether for professional use or as a tool to have at home.

Edward K.

Simply incredible device, I tested the laser tape measure at 4 PM at a distance of 37m in the open air and the laser was extremely visible and delivered 100% accurate measurement. So for me, it was the best acquisition in recent times!!

Hannah B.

Very useful equipment, agile and 100% functional. It speeds up the measurement of large lengths, which is more complicated with the use of conventional tape measures.


The SmartRange Pro is considered a 3-in-1 tool because it combines three distinct functionalities in a single device: it has a powerful laser range meter that can measure distances up to 40 meters, a conventional 5-meter manual tape measure for shorter and more precise measurements, and a laser cross-marking tool that assists in accurate alignments and markings in various types of projects.

Yes! The laser measurement technology of the SmartRange Pro enables its use in both indoor and outdoor environments, even on sunny days.

The maximum distance that the SmartRange Pro can measure with its laser range meter is 40 meters. This feature allows for quick and accurate measurements in large spaces, making it ideal for a variety of uses in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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