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Looking For A Back Up To Your Chainsaw?

Maybe you don’t want to invest in a heavy bulky chainsaw or take yours along on jobs. Introducing the Chainsaw Drill Attachment the #1 chainsaw attachment that is lightweight, made with strong stainless steel and cuts through wood and projects within seconds.

The 6-inch sharp blade is perfect to saw through small trees, 2x4s, and other yard tasks. Our chainsaw drill attachement easily connects and locks into any drill ready to saw through anything like butter.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: No more lifting your heavy, inconvenient gas-guzzling chainsaw. Our lightweight chainsaw is simple, quick and efficient, plus it connects to any standard drill.
  • PORTABLE: This chainsaw attachment is portable, fast, and easy! Forget about carrying around your chainsaw, our chainsaw attachement is locked and ready beside your drill.
  • QUICK LOCK: To make it easier to connect to any drill we designed a quick lock in and snap out for ease of use on any drill.
  • CLEVER DESIGN: Our drill attachment has a unique mechanisicum that rotates the drill while running the chainsaw at the same time, turning 1 tool into 2.

1 Unit, Kit with 2 Units