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You no longer have to worry about your car’s battery, you will no longer be left in the lurch.

This smart 12V 110/220v Portable Battery Charger for cars and motorcycles is an essential item for you to always have close by on your rides and trips with your car. Compact, portable and fast battery charging.

In addition to charging, it also restores capacity and regains strength from used batteries.

Take it wherever you want. Take precautions when going out with your car or motorcycle to work or travel.

The Portable Battery Charger, has the function of recharging a 12V/24V battery at a time, compact and practical so that you can charge it inside your car, power supply through any source it can be plugged in, it is an indispensable tool for have in the car.

It has two alligator clips, they are used as follows: red positive and black negative to connect to the battery.

Voltage: 100-240v ac, 50-60hz.
Output: 12v 8a 24v 4a.
Battery range: 12v: 2ah-100ah.
Efficiency: 85%.
Dimensions: 150×85×62mm.
Weight: 400g.
Polarity protection: Yes.
Output short protection: Yes.
Voltage Protection: Yes.
Overheating Protection: Yes.