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HydroFlex Pro™

(1,721 reviews)

HydroFlex Pro™

(1,721 reviews)


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4.9 (1,721 reviews)

Bruce M.

Brilliant hose with great value for money, I had other hoses, but this one is better than them all. It can be packed into the small bag it comes with. I couldn’t believe how much hose there was until it filled with water.

Sandra D.

This hose is great for any gardening job. It expands to a great length, allowing me to reach all the plants in my garden. It also stores nicely and compactly, so it doesn’t take up much space. I would definitely buy this product again or recommend it to others.

Warwick H.

Very satisfied, it looks exactly like the pictures. The colour is very nice, the material is visibly durable, the hose is not heavy and is very easy to store! My order arrived earlier than expected.

Ian N.

This expandable hose works perfectly, is made to a very high standard with great quality materials, and the fact that it is so small when not filled with water is incredible and perfect for storage. The spray nozzle has several different settings for various purposes and it is very easy to switch from one setting to another with a simple twist. I am very pleased with the product!

Louise G.

Today was the first time I used my Hydroflex Pro, and it was a great surprise. It looks small, but once connected to the tap (which it does with relative ease), the hose expands not only in width but also in length. The whole thing comes to life as a more solid hose. I am currently using it to fill my pond and will use it for flowers and plants when I complete my garden soon. Recommended.

Raymond S.

We have a terrace that measures 6x6m, and this hose is more than sufficient to water our plants and clean the accumulated dirt over time. Besides being made of flexible material (so you can pull it without fear of breaking), it is perfect because it doesn’t kink or cause water cuts.

Annette L.

Good product. All parts, including the adapters, look good. It does its job. I’ve been using it for a month, almost daily, and everything is fine.

Jacqueline B.

Purchased as a replacement hose for an elderly relative. Easy to store when not in use, as the brass fittings are sturdy and won’t break if dropped. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Frank W.

Having this garden hose makes watering the garden no longer a problem. Extremely easy to use, it can be stored in the smallest space because it is flexible. I am very, very satisfied with this product and would never trade it for other “stubborn” garden hoses.


First, securely attach the female end to a tap. Then, make sure to attach the nozzle. Although the hose can function without a nozzle, it is essential for it to fully expand with the correct water pressure. Gradually turn on the water to increase the flow until the hose fully expands. When you finish watering tasks, remember to turn off the tap and release the remaining water from the hose. It is crucial not to leave the water on when the hose is not in use to avoid damage. To ensure the longevity of your hose, store it away from direct sunlight and consider bringing it indoors during the winter months.

The hose expands to 15m when the water is on and then contracts back to 5m when the water is turned off.

The package includes a spray gun, hanger, expandable garden hose, two copper connectors (3/4″ and ½”), and a storage bag.

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