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DetectX Pro™

(1,647 reviews)

DetectX Pro™

(1,647 reviews)


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4.9 (1,647 reviews)

Terry P.

My family and I always travel to other cities, and it was pretty common for me to cop hefty fines for speeding. When I saw the ad for this speed camera detector, I decided to buy it, and my problems literally vanished! I’ve been using this device in my car for over 4 months now and haven’t copped a single fine since!!

William D.

Bought this product on a mate’s recommendation, and it’s bang on accurate, giving early audio warnings well before we get anywhere near the speed camera or speed gun… I’m so chuffed with the product that I’ve gone and bought another one for my wife’s car.

Darrell S.

I’ve been an app driver for 2 years, always getting pinged for fines because I wasn’t paying enough attention, but ever since I started using the DetectX, I’ve never been caught out with speed fines again. This device has become an essential item in my car! I’d recommend it to all drivers; it’s been a ripper for me, really tops. It’s surprised me, I never thought there could be a gadget that could warn me about the speed cameras ahead.

Helene B.

I needed to replace an old speed camera detector I had and came across the Detectx Pro. After doing a bit of online digging, I concluded it’s the top pick. I was right. It’s got great range and sensitivity.

Brent L.

Got my order yesterday, arrived super quick and ahead of schedule. Haven’t fitted it in my car to test out yet, so haven’t given it 5 stars. Once I give it a whirl, I’ll come back for another squiz. Cheers!

Virginia W.

Bought it for a long roadie and I’m stoked with the outcome. It warned me about speed cameras heaps of times during the trip, and I would’ve been fined several times if I hadn’t had the detector in the car.


The DetectX Pro uses the same tech as mobile and fixed speed cameras, firing off a series of electromagnetic waves that pick up on an object’s movement to calculate its speed. So, the speed camera detector catches the waves sent out by cameras up to 1.5 Km away and kicks off a beeping noise that gets louder as you get closer.

No! The DetectX Pro speed camera detector is itself a transmitter and receiver of 16 different types of frequencies, picking up on any kind of radar.

Yeah, our speed camera detector works with any vehicle, across all brands.

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