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DetectX Pro™

(1,647 reviews)

DetectX Pro™

(1,647 reviews)


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4.9 (1,647 reviews)

Adrian P.

My family and I always travel to other cities, and it was quite common for me to receive hefty fines for speeding. When I saw the advertisement for this speed camera detector, I decided to purchase it, and my problems literally disappeared! I’ve been using this device in my car for over 4 months now and haven’t received a single fine since!!

Ian D.

Purchased this product based on a friend’s recommendation, and it’s absolutely accurate, providing early audio warnings well before we approach any speed camera or speed gun… I’m so pleased with the product that I’ve bought another one for my wife’s car.

David S.

I’ve been a ride-share driver for 2 years, constantly being fined for not paying enough attention, but since I started using the DetectX, I’ve not been caught by speed fines again. This device has become an essential item in my car! I would recommend it to all drivers; it’s been excellent for me, truly outstanding. It’s surprised me; I never thought there would be a device that could alert me to speed cameras ahead.

Vanessa B.

I needed to replace an old speed camera detector I had and stumbled upon the DetectX Pro. After some online research, I decided it was the best option. I was right. It has excellent range and sensitivity.

John L.

Received my order yesterday, it arrived very quickly and before the expected delivery date. I haven’t installed it in my car to test yet, so I haven’t rated it 5 stars. After I try it out, I’ll return for another review. Thanks!

Susan W.

Bought it for a long journey and I’m delighted with the results. It alerted me to speed cameras numerous times during the trip, and I would have been fined several times if I hadn’t had the detector in the car.


DetectX Pro employs the same technology as both mobile and stationary speed cameras, emitting a sequence of electromagnetic waves that detect an object’s movement to ascertain its speed. Thus, the speed camera detector captures the waves emitted by cameras up to 1.5 km away and initiates a beeping sound that intensifies as you approach.

No! The DetectX Pro speed camera detector is an independent transmitter and receiver of 16 different frequency types, detecting any radar presence.

Indeed, our speed camera detector is compatible with all vehicle types and brands.

Purchasing the product through the official website entitles you to our complete satisfaction guarantee. This allows you to test the product for up to 30 days, and if not satisfied, contact us for a refund arrangement.

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Immediate payment is available via credit card. We support transactions through Stripe and PayPal.

The product is dispatched via postal service to the address provided at the time of purchase. The delivery window ranges from 4 to 12 business days post-shipment.

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