AutoShield Pro™

(971 reviews)

AutoShield Pro™

(971 reviews)


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4.9 (971 reviews)

Samuel P.

Bought this for summer really easy and fast to use rather then set up normal windows shields its just like opening an umbrella directly covering the front seats of your car and its very durable.

Horst M.

The umbrella style idea is awesome. It is easy to expand and easy to close. No more tangling or falling down. This needs little bit of attention when expanding (like umbrella), otherwise it may encounter unexpected poking

Margaret G.

LOVE how small it folds…like a small umbrella. Fits right under my seat. Easy to use.

Ian S.

Super easy to put up and down and store. Great fit. Better than any I have seen so far.

Colleen P.

Arrived well protected package, excellent quality, bring your case to store it highly recommended!!

Trevor S.

This is one of the best sun shields I’ve purchased. It has excellent coverage and very easy to use. It’s easy to take off and store on the side pocket of the door. Highly recommended

Sheila C.

I bought one of these in the Summerton me, I love it. So at Christmas I bought 6 more for kids and grandkids. They are so excited to use them.

Randolph K.

Even though it did take a few minutes of a learning curve to open and place the shade in position. I find it to be very convenient. It is easy to place in the window, and then to take down and store.

Mark C.

What a neat product. Works just like an umbrella. Just position and press button. It covers my entire windshield. Same with putting it away!


Installing the AutoShield Pro is a breeze! Simply open and expand the umbrella against your front window, securing it by lowering the sun visors. When not in use, fold it back into the storage pouch within seconds for convenient storage in your glove box or side door pockets.

The AutoShield Pro acts as a powerful heat blocker and sun defender, maintaining a consistently cool interior temperature. Say goodbye to hot air discomfort when opening your car door and protect your dashboard and upholstery from fading and cracks caused by prolonged sun exposure.
Absolutely! The AutoShield Pro Sunshade Umbrella features 10 reinforced skeletons for durability and a composite peptide coating that reflects heat with a UPF 50+ rating. Rest assured, you’re investing in a high-quality product designed to redefine your driving experience with maximum sun protection.

While the AutoShield Pro is primarily designed for sun protection, it’s advisable to avoid using it during heavy rain or strong winds. The umbrella is optimized for blocking harmful UV rays and maintaining a cool interior on sunny days, ensuring a comfortable driving experience in hot weather.

Below are the dimensions of the AutoShield Pro:

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