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AeroPure Pro™

(1,588 reviews)

AeroPure Pro™

(1,588 reviews)


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4.9 (1,588 reviews)

Sandra A.

I’ve always wanted a range hood in my kitchen, but they are very expensive. This is a great alternative; the suction is much stronger than I expected, and all the smoke was filtered instantly.

Lilian T.

Who would have thought that such a small device could have so much power? I’m in love with this portable range hood my apartment has never been smoke-filled or smelly after frying meat. Congratulations on the product!

Philip E.

I bought it on a friend’s recommendation, and this equipment is truly great. It completely solves the problem of smoke and odour during and after cooking.

Michelle P.

The Aeropure portable range hood is a game changer! I can finally smoke indoors without worrying about the smell. I wish I had discovered this years ago. Highly recommended

Raymond A.

I bought two for an indoor barbecue. Extremely surprised at how well they worked. We filtered all the smoke, and there was no smell after we cleaned up.

Gary S.

My wife used to constantly complain about the smell of frying when I cooked. I decided to buy this range hood, and on the first test day, she didn’t even notice I was cooking! It really works, definitely worth the money 👍👍

Valerie R.

I received my order yesterday, it arrived before the estimated delivery date, and the product is in perfect condition. I’ll test it tonight and leave another review. Thank you!

Louise K.

Excellent alternative for those who don’t have a built-in range hood at home. This portable device works perfectly well and is much cheaper and more practical than a conventional range hood

Richard N.

I never imagined I could have a range hood in my apartment kitchen for such a low investment. I’m very happy with the purchase and surprised by the power of this portable range hood. I’m recommending your product to all my friends.


No, our portable range hood is extremely quiet and discreet.

The AeroPure Pro portable range hood is widely used in both large and small kitchens and is also effective at eliminating cigarette smoke and odour.

Purchasing the product through the official website entitles you to our complete satisfaction guarantee. This allows you to test the product for up to 30 days, and if not satisfied, contact us for a refund arrangement.

Yes, shipping initiates once the payment is confirmed.

Immediate payment is available via credit card. We support transactions through Stripe and PayPal.

The product is dispatched via postal service to the address provided at the time of purchase. The delivery window ranges from 4 to 12 business days post-shipment.

You will receive the tracking code and tracking instructions in the email provided at checkout, within 3 days of purchase.

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